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Do you know how to keep your teens safe at the prom?

Each spring, teens all over Louisiana engage in an annual ritual known as "prom." Going to the prom is a treasured rite of passage, but is your teen's safety being compromised?

During prom and graduation seasons, teenagers have a higher accident risk than during most other times during the year. Below are some tips for a safer prom weekend for all.

Lack of informed consent can create malpractice claims

Informed consent is the basis of patients' relationships with their physicians. What this means is fairly simple — patients have the right to information about their medical conditions, treatment plans, risks and prognoses.

In order for this information to be disseminated to the patients, physicians must seek to convey it in language that their patients can understand. Laymen's terms should be used whenever possible and details explained to allow patients to make "informed" decisions about the health care they receive.

Assistant police chief runs over sunbather on Grand Isle

After an almost incomprehensible accident on the beach at Grand Isle last week, one woman from Hammond is now fighting for her life. Incredibly, the 24-year-old woman was run over by a pickup on April 7 as she and a friend lay sunbathing on the beach beside the Gulf of Mexico. A Grand Isle assistant police chief was behind the wheel of the marked unit. Her friend was not hurt in the incident.

The woman's family members specified that the Louisiana State Police conducted the investigation into the accident that shattered the sunbather's pelvis and caused serious internal bleeding. Doctors at the hospital in New Orleans where she was taken for treatment have already performed multiple surgeries to save the woman's life.

Tips for safer motorcycle riding

The mild winter has given way to another gorgeous Louisiana spring, making it all the more attractive for motorcycle riders to climb astride their big two-wheelers for some much-needed wind therapy. Below are a few tips for both new and seasoned riders to make sure that the roads stay safer for all.

Louisiana weather is notorious for those torrential showers from offshore storms that blow through our area regularly. Keep in mind that the most dangerous road conditions are right after it rains, as slick spots of road dirt and oil form. It's easy for a motorcycle to hydroplane dangerously under these conditions, so riders must remain alert.

Talcum powder cited in suit as cause of ovarian cancer

A woman from New Orleans has filed a lawsuit against a company she accuses of manufacturing and selling a substance she alleges led to her ovarian cancer diagnosis.

Defendants in the suit include Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Rio Tinto Minerals Inc., Luzenac America Inc., Unknown Businesses and/or Corporations A-Z and John Does/Jane Does 1-30.

Did a 'never event' surgical error worsen your condition?

Can you imagine waking up from a surgery to learn that the procedure you underwent was intended for another patient entirely? Or that it was the correct surgery but done on the wrong organ or limb. Or maybe you were expecting a tubal ligation but got a total hysterectomy instead.

All of the above fall into the category of never events known as "wrong-site, wrong-procedure, wrong-patient errors." When these types of egregious errors occur that should never happen, patient safety is severely compromised.

Can you drive safely through flooded streets?

Flooded streets and highways are a fact of life sometimes in southeast Louisiana.However, navigating your vehicle through them can be life-threatening. As a matter of fact, the Federal Emergency Management Agency reports that the majority of people who die in floods do so when they attempt to drive through rain-swollen roads and get swept away in the rushing water.

The primary cause of weather-related deaths in the US is flash flooding. Just a foot of water is enough to float a vehicle off the ground.

How to file a claim after a wreck

The dismal weather conditions southeast Louisiana has recently been experiencing have been the cause of more than a few accidents. If you are one of those unlucky drivers who got in a collision with an at-fault driver, you may find yourself having to file an insurance claim.

Call the police and make a report immediately. Your next concern should be that all injured parties get the medical treatment they need, including yourself. Establishing that a condition or injury stemmed from a car wreck through a physical exam and evaluation is the first step toward recovering financial damages.

Plaintiff sues over faulty medical device

Knee replacement surgeries can be a godsend to patients suffering from arthritis and other debilitating conditions. But they do not always turn out as intended.

Such is the case for one Louisiana woman who endured multiple knee surgeries but experienced complications allegedly due to an improperly manufactured Bair Hugger used during her surgeries.

Avoid these common motorcycle accidents

When you are out on the open road enjoying the freedom of motorcycle riding, you can't ever let your guard down and get distracted. That's precisely when an accident can occur.

Some of the most common motorcycle accidents include a car turning right in front of you. Drivers can be distracted or just not mentally alert enough to the possibility of a motorcyclist.


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