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Have a safe 4th of July holiday

If you are like many Louisiana residents, you may be planning a family outing on the upcoming 4th of July holiday. While there are many homegrown festivities right here in Baton Rouge, like fireworks along the Mississippi River, lots of Louisianans head for the Gulf Coast beaches for the 4th.

That means that there will be more traffic on the highways than there normally is. In addition to all of the holiday travelers, there will also be the usual number of commercial big rigs barreling through the I-10 corridor between Florida and points west, meaning that motorists will have to pay special attention when driving.

How to cope after a loved one dies in a collision

If you lost a family member in a collision with an 18-wheeler, you will have to make some major decisions while still devastated by grief. Making arrangements for funerals or memorial services may seem like overwhelming tasks, yet still must be handled promptly despite your raw emotions.

It can even be more difficult when you were also injured in the accident. Make sure that you obtain medical treatment following the accident even if your injuries do not appear to be all that severe. An undiagnosed but very treatable internal injury can prove fatal when ignored.

Dehydration: Can it be deadly?

Elderly patients receiving in-home care and those residing in long term care centers and nursing homes have to be monitored closely. One of the conditions the care providers have to watch closely to detect is dehydration.

Patients are considered mildly dehydrated when they have lost 2 percent of their body weight. Dehydration is severe if they have lost 4 percent or more of their body weight. It can be difficult to spot but can have catastrophic effects on elderly patients' bodies. Often when we think of dehydration we think of a sports enthusiast who has pushed him or herself too far in the heat of summer. But dehydration is far more insidious and common than that; it requires no marathon runs to wreak havoc with one's vital signs.

Top hazards for motorcyclists

As a motorcyclist, you know that riding can be dangerous, but sometimes you may become complacent about safety when you ride. Below are some of the most deadly hazards facing Louisiana motorcyclists.

-- Traffic drifting into the path of motorcyclists: When two cars collide when one drifts over the line, it can be a minor accident. However, when a motorcycle is clipped, the rider can suffer life-threatening injuries.

Did the rate of truck accidents drop or rise?

Officials with the American Trucking Associations are encouraged by the Department of Transportation announcing that the rate of fatal truck accidents dropped almost 4 percent in 2014. Even better, this rate is in keeping with the decline in truck accidents that is attributed by some to safety improvements in the trucking industry.

Fewer accidents lead to fewer tragedies on the highways, a long-term trucking trend recently highlighted in a report by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Nearly 40 percent of the total collisions have decreased since 2004, in fact. Some of the findings in the Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts report indicated that:

Malfunctioning firearms and product liability versus negligence

Louisiana sportsmen love to hunt, and residents are staunch defenders of the Second Amendment. But that doesn't diminish the fact that annually, thousands of lives are lost due to firearms.

Certainly most deaths are attributed to the shooter, proving that "Guns don't kill people; people do." However, if a firearm malfunctions due to a design or manufacturing defect and someone is inadvertently injured or killed, they or their survivors could potentially have legal grounds for a product liability case.

2 vehicles sought in hit and run fatality near university

Authorities in Hammond in Tangipahoa Parish are searching for not just one, but two vehicles, involved in separate hit and runs that left a local tattoo artist and skateboarder dead on the highway Wednesday night.

The business where he plied his trade as a talented tattoo designer has a notice on the door stating, "Closed today due to death in family." The popular tattoo artist was killed around 10 p.m. while skateboarding on University Avenue near Southeastern Louisiana University.

Falls in nursing homes may be due to negligence

Making the decision to place elderly family members in nursing homes is never easy, and becomes even more guilt-producing when the loved one is injured by a nursing home fall.

But the fact is that residents in long-term care facilities frequently fall. Approximately 1,800 senior citizens residing in nursing homes die annually from injuries suffered in falls. Even those who survive often are permanently disabled and suffer a greatly reduced quality of life.

Do you know how to keep your teens safe at the prom?

Each spring, teens all over Louisiana engage in an annual ritual known as "prom." Going to the prom is a treasured rite of passage, but is your teen's safety being compromised?

During prom and graduation seasons, teenagers have a higher accident risk than during most other times during the year. Below are some tips for a safer prom weekend for all.

Lack of informed consent can create malpractice claims

Informed consent is the basis of patients' relationships with their physicians. What this means is fairly simple — patients have the right to information about their medical conditions, treatment plans, risks and prognoses.

In order for this information to be disseminated to the patients, physicians must seek to convey it in language that their patients can understand. Laymen's terms should be used whenever possible and details explained to allow patients to make "informed" decisions about the health care they receive.


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