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Don't fall prey to insurance claim denials after a wreck

In a perfect world, when Baton Rouge residents are injured in car accidents, they could file a claim against the other driver's or their own auto insurance, and receive a timely settlement that allows them to get on with their lives.

But we don't live in a perfect world. Insurance companies are in the business of routinely denying and low-balling claims. Despite the cute commercials with the friendly insurance adjusters assisting consumers with snappy resolutions, that's not how it actually works. A few years ago, CNN investigated the standard operating procedures of America's top insurance companies -- delay, deny and defend.

Foggy Louisiana weather leads to collisions

Residents of south Louisiana have to deal with driving in foggy conditions year round. Our subtropical climate, high humidity and close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and other large bodies of water make this weather condition a frequent safety hazard for Louisiana drivers.

Make no mistake -- fog is at the top of the list of dangerous driving hazards. If a drive can be delayed until the fog has dissipated, make the decision to postpone your trip. But practically speaking, sometimes it is necessary to head out into the ghostly mist. Below are some tips for safer driving in foggy conditions.

Can I sue my doctor over confidentiality breaches?

Louisiana physicians and other health care providers have a professional duty to keep their patients' medical information confidential. When breaches occur that cause damage to their patients, the providers could face liability.

Patients should feel free to discuss their medical conditions and concerns with their doctors and nurses without worrying that their confidentiality will be compromised. The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act governs the rules of information disclosure, access and patient privacy. Some of the law's provisions include:

Strict liability laws protect Louisiana consumers

Louisiana consumers who have suffered injuries after using dangerous or defective products can sometimes recover financial compensation more easily than others who got injured in a different manner.

Because injuries attributable to defective products fall into the category of product liability law, specific theories and rules of recovery have been established. There are three basic legal theories that allow consumers to seek recovery from retailers or manufacturers:

Who is liable for birth injuries under Louisiana law?

When tragedies like birth injuries occur, Louisiana parents are often so bereft and traumatized that they aren't thinking clearly about the parties who may be responsible for their babies' medical conditions.

While it may at first seem most likely to blame the obstetrician who delivered the baby, the conduct of all medical personnel is subject to scrutiny. Nurses, anesthesiologists, medical facilities, pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies can all bear a degree of responsibility for any tragic occurrences.

Serious illnesses can result from food poisoning

Here in south Louisiana, we like to eat and we like to cook. We also have some of the best restaurants in the nation all within a couple hours' drive. But even the finest restaurant or most talented chef can sicken customers if they are exposed to food poisoning.

People can develop foodborne illnesses if the food has been contaminated with viruses or bacteria. Sometimes, the exposure occurs on the farm where the food is grown. Every step in the farm to table process is a potential food poisoning hazard -- packing, shipping, storing and cooking. If the contaminated food is purchased by consumers, entire families can suffer from food poisoning.

What are the most common causes of truck accidents?

The proximity of Interstates 12 and 10 running through the heart of Baton Rouge, along with the numerous heavily traveled secondary roads, mean that on any given day, thousands of trucks rumble through our city.

Inevitably, there are accidents. Nationally, in the year 2012, there were over a half million accidents involving one or more big rigs. So what is causing all of these accidents? Below are the 10 most common causes of truck accidents.

Helmets prevent head injuries for motorcyclists

Louisiana motorcyclists love to ride. Our mild winters allow opportunities for bikers to ride during every season of the year.

But the statistics show that over a 10-year period from 1998 to 2008, motorcycle fatalities more than doubled nationwide. In one year alone, 96,000 people suffered injuries in motorcycle accidents.

FAQ about distracted driving for Louisianians

We've all heard about the dangers of distracted driving. Some studies suggest that 500,000 people are injured annually in the United States due to distracted driving incidents. But what exactly does that mean for drivers on Louisiana roads?

Distracted driving is defined as any non-driving action that causes drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel, their eyes off of the road and their minds off the task of driving the vehicle. Obviously, texting and driving is a major problem, but there are also other culprits, like all cellphone usage while driving.

Separate wrecks in southeast Louisiana claim 2 lives

Two separate accidents in southeast Louisiana claimed the lives of two passengers on a recent weekend in Tangipahoa Parish.

In the first, on Nov. 21, a 29-year-old Loranger man was speeding in his pickup truck on State Route 443 north of Hwy. 190 when, according to information released by Louisiana State Police Troop L, he lost control of his vehicle. The truck struck a culvert, flipping and rolling several times and ejecting his passenger, a 35-year-old man from Husser.


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