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How do I start a medical malpractice suit?

Patients seeking to file medical malpractice cases against health care providers often are unsure about what the process entails.

The litmus test for medical malpractice cases hinges on the standard of care. Would the patient's negative outcome have been the same if another health care provider in similar circumstance had rendered the treatment, or was the medical provider negligent and failed to provide an adequate level of care?

Tires on big rigs not meant for high speeds

There has been a spike in the number of fatal accidents with large trucks, and federal investigators believe the increase can be attributed to the tires on the big rigs.

In one four-year period, buses and big rigs were the cause of 14,000 fatal collisions. According to data supplied by governmental agencies, 223 of the deaths were tied to large truck tires that are not intended to sustain speeds of more than 75 mph. However, in order to meet tight deadlines, truckers routinely exceed the speed limit.

July wreck brings charges in September for officer's death

A 21-year-old woman from Jefferson Parish was arrested earlier this month for criminal negligent homicide related to a chain-reaction collision on July 12 that killed a New Orleans policeman, 47. The NOPD officer succumbed to massive head injuries five days after he was hit by a car on U.S. Route 90B.

Events unfolded around 5:40 a.m., by the merging ramp onto I-10 East. The officer was already investigating a previous wreck that happened on state route 90 when the woman, who was driving a 2006 Toyota Scion, struck a Mustang in the right lane just before arriving at the point of the first collision.

We handle medical malpractice cases all over the state

Medication errors all too often can cause serious health risks or even patient deaths. This is especially true in cases of with medicines that have to be very carefully calibrated or disaster can result.

One of those types of drugs are blood thinners like Coumadin, a drug that has been successfully used for many decades in patients with heart abnormalities and stroke risks. If a patient's dosage is too little, they can die from blood clots that break loose from the deep veins in the pelvis and legs and form deadly pulmonary embolisms in the lungs.

Let us help you seek justice for defective product damages

Many consumers suffer injuries from defective products every year. This is in addition to products sold that simply don't work and that have warranties or can be returned or exchanged.

There are three primary categories for product defects:

Couple sues East Jeff Hospital, ambulance driver after collision

A Louisiana motorist and her husband have filed suit against East Jefferson General Hospital Foundation and an ambulance driver for the foundation after a collision in 2013.

According to her claims, in October of that year, the woman was driving a 1998 Lincoln in Kenner on Williams Boulevard when an ambulance being driven without its siren or emergency lights on pulled out and turned right in front of her. She alleges that the negligence of the defendants caused the head-on collision with the ambulance and her resulting injuries.

Injured in a motorcycle crash? We'll help you seek justice

In two-thirds of collisions involving motorcycles and another vehicle, the other driver violated the motorcyclist's right of way, causing the wreck. Motorcyclists have nearly 26 times the risk of death in an accident, and five times the risk of injury, than those in a car.

While the fatality rate for passengers and drivers of light trucks and cars has declined since 1999, motorcyclists' fatality rates have more than doubled during the same period.

Injured by a big rig? We can help you pursue justice

Although the overall number of crash fatalities in the United States dropped by approximately 15 percent since the mid-1990s, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration still reported that in 2012 alone, 33,561 people died in highway fatalities.

Collisions involving large commercial trucks have a much higher rate of fatalities than do accidents between passenger vehicles. A staggering 81 percent of fatal wrecks with big rigs involve multiple vehicles. This is much greater than the fatality rate of 58 percent in collisions between cars or light trucks.

Wrong-site surgeries should never occur

It can't be argued that surgeons performing surgery on the wrong site is a glaring example of medical malpractice as well as being a completely avoidable adverse event.

Despite the fact that these events should never occur, some estimate the national rate of surgeries performed on the wrong patients, the wrong site or side and the wrong procedures may occur as frequently as 40 times each week.

Are older drivers a highway hazard?

For senior citizens, making the decision to turn in the car keys due to age and the accompanying infirmities can be a devastating blow to their independence.

The baby boomer generation is aging fast and comprises a large swath of today's population. Many are electing to keep their licenses and continue driving. Statistics indicate that those 70 and older who drive automobiles have a higher rate of collisions than their middle-aged counterparts. Yet their accident rate is still lower than that of the youngest drivers.


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