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Product recall of all Blue Bell ice cream sold in 23 states

Louisianans love their Blue Bell ice cream that has been a southern staple and cool comfort food to generations who grew up enjoying the sweet treat.

But thanks to a nationwide recall of their whole line of products all the way back to 2010 due to an outbreak of listeria, they will have to forgo their favorite dessert for now.

How can I survive a head-on collision?

It's possibly the scariest scenario on the road -- a head-on collision with another car. Recently, more than 5,200 individuals died from injuries they suffered in head-on collisions in a single year.

The best option is to avoid a dangerous encounter in the first place. Below are some tips to keep you safer on the roads.

What are the medical requirements for commercial drivers?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's main goal is to prevent injuries and fatalities from occurring that involve commercial motor vehicles. When big rigs collide with smaller passenger cars, the results can be devastating, which is why it is so essential that the driver behind the wheel is medically fit.

Below are some pertinent questions and information regarding the FMCSA medical requirements for commercial drivers.

Res ipsa loquitor and medical malpractice

If you have ever pursued a medical malpractice case against a negligent medical provider, you may have heard the term res ipsa loquitor used in court. The term is Latin and means "the thing speaks for itself."

Under the doctrine of res ipsa loquitor, this rule of evidence applies in medical malpractice cases when a reasonable lay person must be able to surmise that an injury to or worsened condition of a patient is obviously the result of a medical provider's negligence. There is no requirement for direct evidence regarding the defendant's actions and behavior.

Vital facts about seat belt use and car collision safety

Car crashes cause the most deaths among people who are 1 to 54 years of age. In 2012, in the United States, over 2.2 million adult motorists and passengers required treatment in emergency rooms due to car accident injuries. Interestingly, the best way to prevent motor vehicle accidents and injuries is the simple act of putting on a seat belt, but millions of Americans fail to use their seat belts every single day.

According to some estimates, over $50 million medical costs and losses relating to time unable to work were the direct result of car accidents. While these crash-related statistics do not rule out people who use seat belts -- and seat belts of course are not 100 percent foolproof -- seat belts do dramatically reduce instances of injury and death related to car accidents.

Dangerous products cause injuries, result in litigation

A New Orleans woman filed a suit late last year in Orleans Parish Civil District Court over injuries she suffered when her car's airbags suddenly deployed without warning. Her lawsuit is assigned to Division I.

Named defendants are Ibrahim's Autoplex LLC, General Motors Corporation and General Motors LLC. According to her petition, she bought a 2005 Pontiac Grand GT in January of 2012 from Ibrahim's Autoplex.

Motorcycle accident lawyers in Louisiana

Motorcyclists face the most risks when they take to the roadways. Although it fun and exciting to zip around Louisiana highways and country back roads on a motorcycle, the dangers associated with motorcycle operation are real and deadly. Even worse, no matter how careful and skilled a motorcyclist happens to be, there is nothing that he or she can do to completely remove the risks involved with sharing the roadway with automobiles.

The fact that motorcyclists are completely exposed during a vehicle collision only makes matters worse. This is why motorcycle operators tend to be some of the safest drivers on the road: they cannot afford to be otherwise and if they are, they will not survive very long. Motorcyclists must be on constant alert to look ahead of them, watch behind them and be diligently aware of what the traffic is doing (or could do) all around them.

Driving at night is dangerous for teens in Louisiana

Much has been said about the things that impact teen driving such as texting and driving, but a study done back in 2010 says that one of the biggest dangers is simply when teens drive at night. In fact, the study ranked night driving as the number one.danger for teens, stating that it even led to more teen deaths than drinking or not wearing a seat belt.

This was not a one-year outlier, either. The study compiled data for an entire decade to come up with those results, so there is clear documentation of how night driving impacts teens each and every year, both in Louisiana and elsewhere.

We file medical malpractice cases all over Louisiana

Louisiana health care providers have to meet and uphold a certain standard of care for their patients. When they fail to render this level of care and a patient suffers a worsened medical condition or injury or dies, the provider may wind up defending medical malpractice allegations.

In order to prove negligence, plaintiffs must be prepared to show that:

2 riders in Metairie Carnival parade fall off floats, get injured

As many Louisiana residents are aware, riding on Mardi Gras floats can definitely be dangerous. Alcohol is flowing, and spectators crowd right up to the side of the floats and sometimes toss beads back at the riders. Also, the jerky motion of the tractor-pulled floats as they stop and start up again can cause riders to suddenly lurch dangerously aboard these floats.

For two riders in Metairie on Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras was indeed dangerous, as both a man and a woman fell off of their floats in two separate incidents along the parade route.


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