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We litigate product liability cases for our clients

Often the media reports on product recalls due to dangers to consumers from manufacturing or design defects. But what do those terms actually mean?

Manufacturing defects occur when the products depart from their intended design even if care was used to prepare and market the product. Despite quality controls, products can fail, and it doesn't allege negligence on the part of the manufacturer. Inadequate assembly or broken components can cause a manufacturing defect.

Surgery, medication errors go hand in hand

Patients expect that when they have surgery, they will receive the highest degree of care, and that is the gold standard for the medical field. But in reality, it is far from being a sure thing.

Researchers in another state conducted a study that determined that in nearly half of the surgical procedures that were analyzed, mistakes occurred. They included:

Are 3-wheeled motorcycles safer to ride?

Riding a three-wheeled motorcycle around south Louisiana can be a lot of fun. Many riders enjoy solo rides, while others crave the camaraderie they encounter on group rides with other motorcycle enthusiasts.

But just because it has three wheels instead of two does not necessarily make your trike much safer. While it's true that trikes are inherently more stable than their two-wheeled counterparts, they still face the biggest road hazard of all — other drivers. Below are some suggestions for safer riding.

If your police report needs to be amended, we can help

If you commute daily to and from Baton Rouge, you have surely seen your share of traffic collisions or their immediate aftermath. When police make their reports, it is inevitable that sometimes mistakes will be made in the report that need to be corrected.

Getting a police report amended is not always easy. For one, cops are quite busy and loathe doing paperwork. But if there is a dispute over factual errors that determine fault, it can be nearly impossible to get changed. This must be done, however, in order to reflect the actual timeline of events in order for a damage claim to be successfully pursued.

Automaker faces new ignition recalls

A new defect in the ignition switches of General Motors SUVs and pickup trucks has been discovered. According to reports, the engines can suddenly quit functioning. In order to fix the problem, GM is going to issue a recall of approximately 3,300 SUVs and large pickup trucks sold in North America.

Fortunately, the automaker self-identified the flaw before any consumers were hurt or killed. This recent discovery found that the flawed ignition switches can disable airbags, power brakes and power steering.

Distracted driving is a real problem

Anyone who has traveled through Baton Rouge rush hour traffic probably has seen plenty of egregious examples of distracted driving. However, the problem extends far beyond the city limits.

Every day in America, approximately 10 individuals die as a result of collisions attributed to distracted driving. At least another 1,153 get hurt in accidents involving distracted drivers, who have a much higher risk of getting into auto accidents.

How do I start a medical malpractice suit?

Patients seeking to file medical malpractice cases against health care providers often are unsure about what the process entails.

The litmus test for medical malpractice cases hinges on the standard of care. Would the patient's negative outcome have been the same if another health care provider in similar circumstance had rendered the treatment, or was the medical provider negligent and failed to provide an adequate level of care?

Tires on big rigs not meant for high speeds

There has been a spike in the number of fatal accidents with large trucks, and federal investigators believe the increase can be attributed to the tires on the big rigs.

In one four-year period, buses and big rigs were the cause of 14,000 fatal collisions. According to data supplied by governmental agencies, 223 of the deaths were tied to large truck tires that are not intended to sustain speeds of more than 75 mph. However, in order to meet tight deadlines, truckers routinely exceed the speed limit.

July wreck brings charges in September for officer's death

A 21-year-old woman from Jefferson Parish was arrested earlier this month for criminal negligent homicide related to a chain-reaction collision on July 12 that killed a New Orleans policeman, 47. The NOPD officer succumbed to massive head injuries five days after he was hit by a car on U.S. Route 90B.

Events unfolded around 5:40 a.m., by the merging ramp onto I-10 East. The officer was already investigating a previous wreck that happened on state route 90 when the woman, who was driving a 2006 Toyota Scion, struck a Mustang in the right lane just before arriving at the point of the first collision.

We handle medical malpractice cases all over the state

Medication errors all too often can cause serious health risks or even patient deaths. This is especially true in cases of with medicines that have to be very carefully calibrated or disaster can result.

One of those types of drugs are blood thinners like Coumadin, a drug that has been successfully used for many decades in patients with heart abnormalities and stroke risks. If a patient's dosage is too little, they can die from blood clots that break loose from the deep veins in the pelvis and legs and form deadly pulmonary embolisms in the lungs.


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