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What are the most common causes of truck accidents?

The proximity of Interstates 12 and 10 running through the heart of Baton Rouge, along with the numerous heavily traveled secondary roads, mean that on any given day, thousands of trucks rumble through our city.

Inevitably, there are accidents. Nationally, in the year 2012, there were over a half million accidents involving one or more big rigs. So what is causing all of these accidents? Below are the 10 most common causes of truck accidents.

Helmets prevent head injuries for motorcyclists

Louisiana motorcyclists love to ride. Our mild winters allow opportunities for bikers to ride during every season of the year.

But the statistics show that over a 10-year period from 1998 to 2008, motorcycle fatalities more than doubled nationwide. In one year alone, 96,000 people suffered injuries in motorcycle accidents.

FAQ about distracted driving for Louisianians

We've all heard about the dangers of distracted driving. Some studies suggest that 500,000 people are injured annually in the United States due to distracted driving incidents. But what exactly does that mean for drivers on Louisiana roads?

Distracted driving is defined as any non-driving action that causes drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel, their eyes off of the road and their minds off the task of driving the vehicle. Obviously, texting and driving is a major problem, but there are also other culprits, like all cellphone usage while driving.

Separate wrecks in southeast Louisiana claim 2 lives

Two separate accidents in southeast Louisiana claimed the lives of two passengers on a recent weekend in Tangipahoa Parish.

In the first, on Nov. 21, a 29-year-old Loranger man was speeding in his pickup truck on State Route 443 north of Hwy. 190 when, according to information released by Louisiana State Police Troop L, he lost control of his vehicle. The truck struck a culvert, flipping and rolling several times and ejecting his passenger, a 35-year-old man from Husser.

Safety alert for kerosene heaters during Louisiana cold snap

Baton Rouge residents have certainly seen some unseasonably cold temperatures in recent days, causing many to use kerosene heaters in their homes for warmth. However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a safety alert regarding these types of heaters.

According to the CPSC, consumers using these heaters can reduce their risk of fire and potential ill health from the effects of indoor air pollution by:

Veteran dies in custody in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison

Finding oneself behind bars in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison is a bad situation under any circumstances. But for those suffering from physical and mental illness, it can become a death sentence.

Just one day after the nation celebrated Veterans Day on Nov. 12, an elderly Navy vet from Gonzales died while in custody in the prison despite efforts by his family to alert several officials in Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish to the man's deteriorating health.

Improperly diagnosed Louisiana football player files suit

Baton Rouge residents love cheering for Louisiana State University at Tiger Stadium and supporting local high school teams. But for one unlucky high school footballer from the New Orleans area, a game took a heavy toll.

The player was injured at a game on Sept. 6, 2013, as he was tackled by a trio of opponents while attempting a kick. Initially, he was diagnosed with a contusion to his hip, limiting his range of motion, and a concussion at West Jefferson Medical Center. He was given crutches and pain meds and discharged.

What happens after a traumatic brain injury?

With all the exposed body parts of a motorcyclist, it's no small wonder that they are subjected to horrific injuries during collisions with automobiles on Louisiana highways. Even wearing a helmet does not guarantee that a rider won't suffer from a traumatic brain injury.

When an external force impacts the fragile brain tissue during a motorcycle wreck, a TBI often results, even if the rider never loses consciousness, although loss of consciousness is one sign of a TBI. Others include:

Baker woman killed in French Quarter drunk driving accident

Had the 37-year-old Gentilly, Louisiana, man been incarcerated for one of his six felony convictions, chances are good that the Baker woman who died as a result of his alleged drunk driving accident would still have been alive to celebrate her 22nd birthday last week.

Rather than joining her in that celebration, instead her mother was planning her funeral. The young woman was killed in the French Quarter early last Sunday after the driver struck a pole supporting a balcony on Burgundy Street. According to police reports, the driver was headed east around 5:18 a.m. when he abruptly veered off the street and hit the pole supporting the balcony of a structure in the 400 block.

Louisiana boating accidents take heavy toll

While the weather is definitely getting cooler here in southeast Louisiana, it's still nice enough to enjoy a pleasant afternoon out on one of the many lakes and rivers in our area.

But it only takes a second of inattention or an incident of negligence to transform a fun time on the water to a nightmare tragedy. It doesn't even have to be the fault of the person piloting the boat. Collisions can occur and sudden storms and rogue waves can cause a boat to capsize with one or more boating fatalities as a result.


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