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What happens after a traumatic brain injury?

With all the exposed body parts of a motorcyclist, it's no small wonder that they are subjected to horrific injuries during collisions with automobiles on Louisiana highways. Even wearing a helmet does not guarantee that a rider won't suffer from a traumatic brain injury.

When an external force impacts the fragile brain tissue during a motorcycle wreck, a TBI often results, even if the rider never loses consciousness, although loss of consciousness is one sign of a TBI. Others include:

Baker woman killed in French Quarter drunk driving accident

Had the 37-year-old Gentilly, Louisiana, man been incarcerated for one of his six felony convictions, chances are good that the Baker woman who died as a result of his alleged drunk driving accident would still have been alive to celebrate her 22nd birthday last week.

Rather than joining her in that celebration, instead her mother was planning her funeral. The young woman was killed in the French Quarter early last Sunday after the driver struck a pole supporting a balcony on Burgundy Street. According to police reports, the driver was headed east around 5:18 a.m. when he abruptly veered off the street and hit the pole supporting the balcony of a structure in the 400 block.

Louisiana boating accidents take heavy toll

While the weather is definitely getting cooler here in southeast Louisiana, it's still nice enough to enjoy a pleasant afternoon out on one of the many lakes and rivers in our area.

But it only takes a second of inattention or an incident of negligence to transform a fun time on the water to a nightmare tragedy. It doesn't even have to be the fault of the person piloting the boat. Collisions can occur and sudden storms and rogue waves can cause a boat to capsize with one or more boating fatalities as a result.

Do large trucks contribute to serious injuries and higway deaths?

The state of Louisiana has many major arteries running through it, but perhaps the most widely traveled is Interstate 10 that runs right through Baton Rouge and connects the east and west coasts of the the United States. Because of this, many 18-wheelers rumble through as well and definitely make a contribution to deadly accidents and crashes that cause serious injuries.

Since truckers drive so many more miles than the average vehicle drivers, with the bulk of those miles driven on interstates -- which are usually the safest roads -- big trucks have a considerably lower rate per mile driven of accidents that result in only property damage or nonfatal injuries when compared with passenger vehicles. Based on unit of travel, statistically both drivers of passenger vehicles and large trucks had involvement in 1.3 fatal accidents per 100 million miles.

Surgical error leads to medical malpractice lawsuit in Louisiana

A woman filed suit on Aug. 4 on behalf of her late husband in the 24th Judicial District Court in Gretna. She claims that when her husband was undergoing surgery for a biopsy to assess abdominal plaque, the surgeon(s) left a sponge in the incision that caused a severe infection.

Defendants are two doctors and Ochsner Clinic Foundation. The woman's petition alleges that the surgical error occurred after the initial procedure. Her husband was in a great deal of pain post-surgery, and one of his surgeons noticed a significant pooling of blood in the abdominal cavity and packed the area with sponges to absorb the blood. After the second surgical event, the patient developed kidney failure and accompanying life-threatening sepsis.

What are consumers' rights in medical product recalls?

Sometimes, it seems as if every Louisiana television station broadcasts new information about the perils of medical products and equipment that can cause injuries or worse to the patients who use them or have them implanted in or otherwise attached to their bodies. But for those residents of the Bayou State who are suffering needlessly due to defective products, the matter is quite serious.

Consumers have every right to expect that the medical devices that doctors use as diagnostic tools or to treat, cure or prevent diseases or conditions from occurring or worsening are safe to use. Whether the setting in which they are used is a hospital, lab, clinic or a patient's own home, these devices are expected to be safe and free of defects.

Louisiana hospice sued for medical malpractice

A Louisiana woman filed suit on July 21 in the 24th Judicial District Court against Lakeside Hospice LLC, claiming that her late mother received improper treatment from staff both before and after her death last year. The case was allotted to Division "O."

The plaintiff's petition for damages accuses the defendant of medical malpractice and seeks an unspecified amount of damages for mental anguish and emotional distress in addition to attorney's fees.

Louisiana motorcycle laws contribute to safer riding

Summer may be dwindling, but the mild weather of a Louisiana autumn guarantees there will be plenty of time left for motorcycle enthusiasts to get in a few more rides. Some may appreciate brushing up on the state statutes governing motorcyclists in Louisiana.

How to prove liability in a car accident

When an accident occurs on Louisiana roads, determining liability is the important first step that leads to a possible settlement or judgment for those who have been injured and sustained property damages.

Obtaining proof of another driver's culpability in the accident makes it much more difficult for their insurance carrier to deny your claim. Under most circumstances, a police report will be issued that indicates the circumstances of the accident and which driver the officer believes to be at fault. However, there may be times when an officer is unavailable to respond, such as during the Carnival season when all police units and personnel are otherwise engaged with crowd control at parades and other duties.

Product liability attorneys advocate for Louisiana consumers

Louisiana consumers have every right to expect that the products they purchase and use will be safe and free of defects that can cause injuries, illnesses or even deaths. When these products fail, their manufacturer must be held accountable.

Our firm has handled many cases of product liability where we have successfully taken on negligent manufactures, thus forcing them to pay for the damages and injuries their products cause. Additionally, pursuing litigation against the manufacturers of defective and dangerous products forces them to focus on safety issues and design flaws to make their products safe for consumer use.


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